Cancer genetic or environmental disease

The epidemiology of hypopharynx and cervical esophagus cancer

Revista Romana de Medicina de Laborator 1.

cancer genetic or environmental disease

Hellmut Samonigg, Ao. Bogdan Ðjuricic Belgrade Atelier 6 Cardiovascular calcifications in haemodialysis patients, influence of diabetes and obesity Chair cancer genetic or environmental disease Prof.

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Breda Pecovnik Balon Maribor Atelier 7 Hyperglycemias, glycosylation and oxidative stress: relevance for pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of diabetic vascular complications Chair : Prof.

Dejan Dinevski Maribor Atelier 9 Identifying genetic, gender, atopic, geographic, environmental or comorbidial risk factors for obstructive lung diseases Chair : Prof.

cancer genetic or environmental disease aggressive cancer of the womb

Stanislav Suskovic Golnik Atelier 10 Rehabilitation and pain treatment in palliative care Integrated care of elderly people in their final life stage: 1. Health Treatment - copying the pain at palliative care Chair : Prof.

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Zmago Turk, Prim. Nevenka Krcevski Maribor Atelier 11 Gender-aspects in endothelial dysfunction, focusing on pulmonary hypertension, coronary heart diseases, lung emphysema, retinopathy and other diseases possibly related to endothelial dysfunction Chair : Prof. Andrea and Dr.

cancer genetic or environmental disease

Horst Olschewski Graz.