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Colorectal cancer CRC is the third most common neoplasm, and its prevalence increases toxoplasmoza oculara age and with social and economic status urbanization.

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Studies have shown an increased risk of cancer in DM patients, especially along the digestive tract, including Colorectal cancer is, without being able to find a clear pathogenic link between the two chronic diseases. In this review we intend to analyze the relationship between DM and CRC in terms of epidemiology and risk factors.

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DM particularly type 2 diabetes mellitus -T2DM, which is preponderant and CRC share certain risk factors that have as central element the energy metabolism imbalance due to an unhealthy lifestyle e.

We evaluated, separately, the incidence and mortality rates worldwide and mortality rates in Romania for CRC during the last 25 years.

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For DM we evaluated its prevalence worldwide during the last 20 years. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use.

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Este al treilea cel mai des diagnosticat cancer și, de asemenea, a patra cauză majoră de deces [2].

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In Romania, the frequency of colorectal cancer is growing rapidly placing the country among countries with an average incidence of the disease. There are some etiologic factors involved and treatment of disease is carried out after proper staging.