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It deals with the similarities and dissimilarities in comparison to other qualitative research models, as well as to diffusion with risk. In the end the issue of grounded theory is considered in its interrelation with the data, as well as its development in the course of a research. Key words: grounded theory methodology The aim of the papers is to drive thoughts on the purpose, use and contribution of grounded theory methodology.

We will not deal with the suggested procedures of methodology or with the logic underlying them. This has already been abundantly dealt with in the literature see, for example, Corbin and Strauss, ; Glaser, ; Glaser and Strauss, ; Strauss ; Strauss and CorbinCharmaz, ; Grounded theory is general methodology for theory development grounded on the data systematically gathered and analysed.

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The theory is developed in the course of an undertaken research through continual interrelations between analysis and the process data gathering. Since it was introduced thirty years ago, a large number of guidelines and procedures has been developed through the research 8 experience of those using the methodology; these procedures have initially been designed to constantly improve the methodology in research.

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It is considered that the suggested guidelines and procedures allow great openness for invention and facilitate creativity — the feature we will often refer to in the discussion. In the case of this methodology, theory can be generated initially from the data or, if the existing grounded theories seem inadequate for the given field of research, the theories can be elaborated or modified while the arising data are in detail brought into correlation with them and compared.

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The methodology of grounded research explicitly includes generating of theory and carrying out of pedagogic research as two parts of the same process Glaser 2. Suggesting the approach to theory development Glaser and Strauss were completely aware that the alternative approaches to creating and elaboration of a theory — without explicitly connecting it with the real research being undertaken — were at the time very popular; they were either supposed or certain authors passionately advocated them at the time Parsons, Merton and Blau ; the same situation can be found today see Laumann, Habermas or Alexander.

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In this sense, and also having in mind its involvement in general instructions, as well as increasingly more specific procedures for grounded theory creation, this approach is still unique.

Impressed by the radical research approach to theory development, Baszanger BaszangerFrench sociologist has recently commented on industrious and detailed work necessary for generating of resulting concepts and finding relations existing among them.

Some similarities and dissimilarities in comparison to other models The essence of the model can best be grasped in comparison with other similar models of qualitative research.

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The similarities could refer to the following: studies of grounded theory have given some similarities to other forms of qualitative research; data sources are the same: interviews and field observations, as well as various documents including diaries, letters, autobiographies, historic narratives, newspapers and other media materials. Video tapes can also be used. Nevertheless, those using the procedures of grounded theory share a common position with many other qualitative researchers.

They accept responsibilities for their interpretative roles. They do not believe in the mere reporting or giving voices to standpoints of people, groups or organizations which are the subject of study; the researchers accept further responsibility for the interpretation of what has been observed, listened to or read. THE BEST DICTIONARY ENGLISH -ROMANIAN

The main differences refer to the following: putting accent on theory development — the researchers can focus on various levels of theory when using grounded theory procedures. However many grounded theory studies have been focused to the development of substantive theory. This is done throughout the course of the research project, it is not assumed that this verification is possible only through the final assessment of qualitative research.

The procedures of the methodology encourage possibility to develop theory with great conceptual density and important meaning variations. Other characteristics differing the methodology from other research form refer to the procedures: Certain other general procedures have made the methodology effective and influential.

Having in mind that in the following text we will deal with conditioning matrix, it will be useful to say several words about this analytic instrument.

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The levels involve conditions ranging from international to national, organizational and institutional, sub-organizational and sub-institutional, metal gear solid 5 paraziți proști, individual and collective to actions referring to certain phenomenon. In any study, conditions at each level have their own significance, but in what way, it is to be determined.

Risk facing diffusion The methodology is now facing risks inevitable when something becomes modern.

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One part of the risk refers to the fact that the users do not understand significant aspects of methodology, nevertheless claiming that they use them in their research. For example, they often discover the basic process, but do not succeed in developing in conceptually, because they anticipate, but do not understand that variation provides grounded theory analysis with its conceptual richness.

It seems that people convinced that they are dealing with a study relying on grounded theory often focus only on coding, as the main and most exclusive characteristic of the methodology, but they are not dealing with theoretical coding.

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The other part of the risk appearing due to the sudden theory diffusion is that some researchers do not want to get involved in theory development on purpose. Consequently, they ignore the metal gear solid 5 paraziți proști feature of the methodology, often using its procedures in a way which is not appropriate and anticipating alternative methodology which might be better ones to serve the purpose.

The theory is designed to incite further development of effective theory. Why theory? Strauss himself considers that a great number of those defending faith in science have again and again explained and defended the reasons for science and its principles. According to him, a man does not have to adopt positivistic position or procedures and methods specific for natural sciences in order to advocate desirability of social science.

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On the other hand, a man does not have to insist on the demand that all social research, or even qualitative research, have to lead to development medicament pentru giardia și viermii la copii theory use.

Therefore, he does not claim that creation of theory is more significant than any other shape of interpretation, or that theory produces more useful and meaningful results; he only claims that theory should be grounded in a way we have described in the text above — in interrelation with the data and it should develop in the course of a particular research.

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Beyond all this, we cannot by ask ourselves: What does theory consist of? How does it look like and when does it represent itself?

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Strauss himself has the following standpoint: He first considers the question: what does the theory consist of? His view on the matter is the following: theory consists of reasonable, plausible relations assumed among the concepts and sets of concepts although only plausable, their plausibility should be strengthened through continuous research.

Without concepts there can be no propositions and consequently no cumulative scientific knowledge based on the plausible yet verifiable propositions. Metal gear solid 5 paraziți proști relations stated as proposition, are, like in literary every other metal gear solid 5 paraziți proști research, represented in discursive forms. Theoretical conceptualization means that the researchers relying on the grounded theory are interested in the patters of actions and interaction between and among different types of social units i.

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Having in mind that they encompass interaction of multiple actors and since they emphasize temporality and process, they indeed have extraordinary fluidity. They metal gear solid 5 paraziți proști research on each new situation in order to see whether it suits, how could it suit or how could it not suit.

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Answering the question how grounded theory looks like, Strauss and others have often come from the often quoted text, i. Inherently, the context of closed awareness is inclined to instability, while the patient is moving either towards doubt or towards full awareness of The basic reasons for instability First of all, each break in structural relations which leads to the context of closed awareness can lead to its disappearance.

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These conditions involve the examples are given some unpredictable discovery of what has been kept like a secret or warning appearing from organizational conditions. New symptoms will probably and understandingly confuse and alarm the patient — the longer its retrogressive flow, it exemple de platyhelminthes harder 14 to provide him with reasonable plausible explanations; although very complicated drama with wrong representations can be going on fore the sake of the patient.

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Even au fost iarăși negi it is so, in a way it becomes more and more difficult to keep The second risk for closed awareness From time to time, moreover, a patient might no longer be able to fight his increasingly worse physical condition, if a nurse does not interpret the condition and the symptoms. Not to reveal a secret This leads us to the question if and how the medical staff can actually arrange the change of the context of close awareness.

Anyway, when the family knows the truth, a threat to preserving the context of closed awareness is increased, due to the fact that the relatives are under greater temptation to signalize the truth.

The author himself points out that in the discussed questions are based on the American pragmatic position Dewey, ; Mead To think in a different manner would mean to take a positivistic stand, which is rejected by Strauss and other advocates of the grounded theory, as well as by the majority of other qualitative researchers. The prevailing attitude is metal gear solid 5 paraziți proști the truth is taking place Addelson : Theories are interpretations derived from the given perspectives as adopted or studied by researchers.

To say that a given theory is an interpretation — and that it consequently might be wrong — does not mean to deny that the judgements of its validity or possible usefulness can be made. Plenary Session 15 All interpretations, no matter whether they have the characteristics or status of theory are time limited — in two ways. Majority of grounded theory advocates emphasize that they are always temporary, never determined for ever; their own nature allows infinite elaboration and partial negation qualification.

Secondly, like many other types of knowledge, theories are limited in time: researchers and theoreticians are not gods, but common experts who live in certain period of time, who are raised in specific societies, influenced by contemporary ideas and ideologies, etc.